What are rock climbing techniques?

· Climb with your eye: Always keep your eye on the wall. When you want to take rest, then search for a comfortable hold and avoid the marks of the chalk. While taking rest, shake out both arms and allow your B.P to become normal.


· Gaston: Is a best position to open up against the wall but this move transfer all the force on your shoulders. In this position, your elbow moves outward and bend in such a way that the fingers points towards you.


· Side pull: Is best to balance the body in sideways with the use of a counter force. Side pull can be random as you have to follow the orientation of hold to pull yourself.

· Smearing is the best technique where you depend upon the shoe rubber to stay on the rock. It is best in case of slab climbing when you are on a bend rock with less balance.

· Edging is helpful for stability on the edge of the shoe. On the basis of your own choice you can choose an inside or outside edge. To get off or on the hold you have to select a proper direction of movement.

· Lay backing: Whenever you put your feet against the opposite side then laybacking help you to lean off your body at one side of the crack. It is a perfect and efficient technique because the feet remain relax and you can apply more rubber against the wall by keeping your heel low. It gives you an option to lay back against the rock anytime without jamming your journey.

· Underlying: Whenever you feel you are underside of your hold then you can try underlying. You should keep the arms straight and keep your feet high to put the waist against the grip. If you want to cover some extra height by elevation, then underlying gives you a best opportunity with a perfect position.

· Flagging: To shift the weight you can use your limb for proper balance in flagging. During rock climbing sometimes your whole body weight change on one side, so to make a balance, you need to balance yourself properly by flagging.


· Palming: It is considered as a hand alternative of smearing. You have to use open palm to push against the rock. During the repositioning of the feet, palming help to maintain the balance. Palming is helpful in case of stemming which allow you to apply counter pressure on the blank.


These are reasons I like to climb:

1. Rock climbing builds and works your body out like nothing can do

You can go to the gym for as long as you want. Do a lot of kickboxing and swimming for all you care. These sports can never build your body the way rock climbing can. Rock climbing engages all the major and most of the minor muscles in your body forcing them to react. It is known to burn about 500 to 800 calories in each exercise, and you will work out your fingers to your toes.

Rock climbing allows all your muscle coordination more than any sport or exercise can do. Most exercises will focus on parts of your body leaving greater parts unattended to. So this leaves the body unbalanced and might not perform well when assigning some tasks that will require the use of some of those muscles.

So literally rock climbing is the best gym you can ever attend. Why go pay some large sums of money in a gym where you can’t even use all the machines when you can go rock climbing for just nothing all and still have better results?

2. Rock climbing helps you to focus

You surely must have come across a lot of challenges that sometimes or more often you abandon them because you can’t concentrate on them and get them solved. Well, rock climbing will help you to be focused. It can open up those reasoning patterns that are dormant and give you a wider room in your brain to solve problems.

Rock climbing needs a lot of concentration, so this helps the brain to focus. The challenges that you find climbing rocks increases your adrenaline production that increases blood circulation and sends more blood to your brain helping it to think better and faster. It increases your rate of reasoning.

This exercise helps you to be more aware of yourself, and you focus on the space around you taking in everything and judging them the way they are

3. Rock climbing gives you the opportunity to have a panoramic view

When you finally get to the top, the wow expression can’t help but come out. The view from up is always magnificent, beautiful and exciting. Rock climbing offers you all of this in one package.

The road to the top is not easy though. But the reward is worth it. You will encounter lose rocks, grass or a lot of debris along your climb. But that exhilaration awaits you at the top. Nothing can’t be better

4. Rock climbing helps you build confidence and perseverance

Climbing has never been easy in any sense. It is always a very difficult task. Whether it is at your place of work or walking up a rocky path. So by the time you reach the top, you must have gone through enough to muster some trust and confidence in yourself enough to make you climb to the top.

So climbing rocks gives you the opportunity to face obstacles and confront tough challenges. When you overcome all of these, you believe in yourself the more. If you can climb that mountain to the top, then what can.t you do?

When climbing, the target is the top. You patiently climb no matter how slow it might seem, but you still forge ahead to get there. This process helps you foster enough perseverance. If you are naturally a shy person, then start some climbing. You should be able to address a crowd in just a few weeks.

5. Rock climbing is a natural therapy for stress

When you are on the rocks, it is just that moment and nothing else. You concentrate on what you are doing so there is always no room for other thoughts that will deter your progress. Any accidents can be fatal when rock climbing.

This takes your mind off the stress of work or that pile of unpaid bill waiting for you back home. It is a complete and successful distraction.

6. It opens you to yourself

To me, all the cool things about climbing rocks summed up together can’t beat this. Climbing rocks can be a challenge, but it is more challenging because you have to face yourself. Nothing can’t be so cool testing and facing yourself. It is like a match of you versus yourself. A punch on your face lands on your face. Every mistake is a blow to your face. Your success will entail you can do it. In the world of rock climbing, man for himself. Nature takes care of the rest

In a competition sometimes you do it for the crowd. You want to win to be awarded a round of applause and a wink from your crush or so. Climbing rocks do not give you that chance. You are on the rocks with no crowd. Any mistakes and many people will never tell your story.

If there is any sports or activity that requires all the muscles in your body, then it is rock climbing. Rock climbing is one such sport that needs all the faculties that make you a being to be able to succeed in reaching greater heights. It uses both the physical and mental faculties. If you are a rock climber reading this now, I hail you.