Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks

Do a climbing course and have practice: If you are beginner, then try to spend most of your time climbing. A wide range of styles and difficulties are offered by the climbing gyms. You can get a better experience after getting unique tips from the senior climbers. The local climbing gyms are better to start a general course safely.

· Learn new techniques: Try to learn new climbing movement, body positioning, balance and careful footwork to climb smoothly. You can control your climbing activity by having a careful foot placement. A deliberate and silent foot placement indicate the level of your expertise.

· Body position: Try to avoid the lock off position by bending your arm. Keep your arms straight and take benefit from a proper body shape. Use the large muscle of the leg to get an appropriate balance. Keep the center of gravity near to the rock and low.

· Set smart goals: Make your mind before planning for rock climbing. Learn new strategies and decrease your fear of falling down.

· Shortlist the best climbing places: You can choose a rock climbing trip to explore the beautiful places of the world. Mostly the natural beauty lovers prefer Greece, California, Rocklands, Kalymnos, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

· Get an idea about dynamic and static climbing: Before stabilizing your body, usually dynamic climbing requires more momentum and energy. While in case of static climbing the movements are controlled and reversible.

· Warm up your body: To prevent any physical injury do dynamic stretching, increase your heart rate and warm your body before climbing.

· Buy massage gadgets and hand balm: To avoid the muscle soreness and stiffness, use the massage tools like foam roller or Thera cane for better climbing. The hands get badly affected by grabbing the rough surface, so use climber hand balm to limit the factors of skin irritation.

· Search for a mentor: You can join different forums to communicate with the nearby climbers. A rock climbing mentor will give you the best tips from his personal experience and knowledge.
Have the right tools and equipment:

· Carabiners: To set up top ropes and to anchor against the wall, you should buy a carabiner. Most of the rock climbers use a pear-shaped one. If you are looking for a one hand automatic lockable carabiner, then black diamond magnetron rock lock is the best option. Carabiner gives a large surface area for the sliding of the ropes and attaches perfectly with the bolts.

· Helmet: For the sports climbers colorful diamond dome helmet is the best gear with a perfect ventilation system. The versatile suspension system and lightweight material make this helmet suitable for the beginners.

· Shoes: Unique rock climbing and mountain hiking shoes are available in the market. Depending upon the personal choice you can make a balance between the style and comfort while buying a perfect pair.

· Supporting ropes: With a durable, flexible and light rope you can climb the rocks easily. Most of the climbers use a 60-meter long rope, but the 70-meter rope is much better because extra length has various advantages during rappelling and climbing.

· Quickdraw: If you want to prevent snagging on hangers then use the lightweight keylock which provides best starting spot. The rope drags decrease with the increase int he length of the draw so prefers to purchase a 3-5 18 cm posiwires.

· Belay devices: Belay device is used for the safety when a climber fall. An assisted brake is offered by the Petzl GriGri 2 while ATC guide is suitable for rappelling.