Group Mountain Climb


Mountain climbing isn’t an everyday activity, but we had made it a tradition ever since four teenagers with nothing in common but the fear of height. Mark, Carl, Jake and I, Spencer. We were four best friends; Mark and Carl had been best friends from Lockshire before they moved down to water breeze where they met Jake and Me.

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I went Rock Climbing and Fell in Love

I am not so much into sports and physical activities, moving out for parties, or attending gatherings and meeting new people. People call me shallow, but I don’t mind. Well, everybody has a choice to be whatever they want, and this is what satisfied life is all about, at least for me. So, yes I am a purely introvert and I was totally okay with that unless the day I met her… People say that opposites attract each other, but I consider that opposites cannot happen at a place at one time, then how can they even attract?

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