My Rock Climbing Marriage Proposal

The music was loud, at its loudest but it didn’t matter. Dre and Stella were singing along to the music while Kyle was nodding his head in rhythm. Kyle loved putting his undivided attention into driving whenever he was on the road, especially if it was a long journey.

We had been on the road for about twenty minutes now, and we still had fifteen more minutes to our destination. I sighed and closed my eyes as the music, and the breeze washed over me. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination.

Kyle, my boyfriend, had gotten home the previous night and suddenly told me that we were going rock-climbing the next day. I had been ecstatic when he had told me as I had always wanted to go back to the rock since the first time.

“How many minutes do we have left?” Stella asked.

“About twenty more minutes,” I replied. Stella was Dre’s girlfriend, and we were all a small squad. This was the first time they would be going on rock-climbing.

“Why are you guys even going on rock-climbing anyways?” I asked, “it’s not as though you can climb or you are both interested in rock-climbing.”

“Let’s just say we developed an overnight interest in rock-climbing,” Stella said.

“Really?” I raised an eyebrow, “the last time I checked, Dre was scared of heights and you, Stella would never engage in a ‘life-threatening activity’ like rock-climbing.”

Kyle laughed. It was not news that Dre was scared of heights and anything that would demand that his feet left the ground was life-threatening to him.

“Would you like to learn rock-climbing today?” Kyle asked, turning down the volume of the cassette player.

“Thanks a lot for the kind offer, Kyle. I’m not interested,” Dre said in equally good humor, and we all laughed.

“No jokes now, why are you guys following us to the rock-climbing?” I asked again.

“Well,” Stella shrugged, “to watch you both get at it.”

“Won’t you both be bored?” I asked.

“Well, we’ve got music here and some snacks. We will both pretend it’s a picnic and relax while we watch you both get at it,” Stella said.

She leaned in towards Dre and whispered in his ears, and she and Dre shared a knowing smile.

“Hey,” I called, “what are you both plotting?”

“Nothing,” they both chorused and Stella giggled.

I shrugged and turned back to take a look at the nice scenery as the car raced on.

Twenty minutes later, the rock came into view and Kyle parked the car. There were already about two dozen people at the rock already, and they were all getting ready to climb the rock.

“Wow!” Dre whistled.

“What’s that?” Kyle asked.

“I never knew that there was a large number of people who were interested in rock-climbing.”

“Yeah!” I nodded, “the ‘life-threatening’ activity has a lot of fans.”

“Don’t listen to her,” Stella said, wrapping an arm around Dre’s waist and standing on tiptoe to plant a kiss on his lips.

We dropped our gears and Stella, and Dre spread a blanket on the floor and got the cooler that contained drinks out of the car. They took an MP3 player out next, and they were soon drinking and dancing shamelessly while we got ready to climb.

“Go on first, let me be your belay,” I said to him.

“No,” Dre said from where he was waltzing with Stella, “go first. Let’s see what’s you’ve got.”

“No problem,” I shrugged.

I snugged my harness across my waist and thighs and tightened the buckles. I tied the rope that I was going to use in climbing while I chatted with Kyle. I had done it enough times to be able to do it even without looking at the rope.

“On Belay?” I called out to Kyle once I was done tying the rope and attaching it to my harness.

“Belay on,” he replied.


“Climb on,” he replied.

I got on the rock and started making my way up the rock.

“Go, girl!” Stella called from below, and I giggled.

I had just gotten to the top of the rock and was about turning back when…

“DORIS!” I heard Kyle yell my name from below and I turned back to see him holding something up.

“WHAT?” I asked, confused.

“MARRY ME!” he yelled again.

“What?” my eyes widened in shock.

“If you don’t say yes, he’s simply going to drop the rope and stop being your Belay,” Dre said from below. “I can’t wait to see how you plan on getting off that rock without your Belay.”

I laughed and shook my head. I couldn’t believe that Kyle had just proposed to me. We had been dating for six years now, and I hadn’t even seen it coming. This was just so overwhelming and incredible.

“SAY SOMETHING, DORIS!” Stella also yelled.

It was then that I realized that I was supposed to say something.

“JUST LET ME DOWN FIRST, OKAY?” I yelled at Kyle.


I shook my head and laughed again. “OKAY! I WILL MARRY YOU, KYLE.”

“YEAH!” Kyle punched the air excitedly while Dre and Stella jumped in excitement.

“LET ME DOWN, KYLE!” I yelled again, and this time he let me down.

When I finally got to the ground, I opened my arms wide as though wanting a hug and Kyle rushed towards me to hug me. He was just a few feet away when I gave him a light kick in the chest.

“OWW!” he groaned, doubling up mockingly as though in pain.

“I told you this was a bad idea, Dre!” he groaned.

“You told him to propose to me when I’m up on the rock, right?” I rounded up on Dre.

“No, no,” he shook his head frantically while Stella doubled up in laughter, “he just wanted a nice setting for the proposal, and I thought this would be nice.”

How come I had such crazy friends, I thought and shook my head as I walked towards Kyle to hug him properly.

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