I went Rock Climbing and Fell in Love

I am not so much into sports and physical activities, moving out for parties, or attending gatherings and meeting new people. People call me shallow, but I don’t mind. Well, everybody has a choice to be whatever they want, and this is what satisfied life is all about, at least for me. So, yes I am a purely introvert and I was totally okay with that unless the day I met her… People say that opposites attract each other, but I consider that opposites cannot happen at a place at one time, then how can they even attract?

A Loner Guy with No Attachments:

Before writing to my completely life-changing experience let me tell you some details about me, I am Max, lives in New York, works as a graphic designer-cum-photographer in the top agency at NY. During my career, I have met almost all kinds of girls but being an introvert, I couldn’t cross the limit, and due to my cold attitude, no girl came towards me.

Uh, with this definition, don’t consider that I am a loner with no friends. I am just so choosy in selecting the people with whom I spend time, so yes, I do have friends, and Dave, my buddy from the school age, is the one to whom I consider the best person in my life. However, my romantic life is so dull; I have never met someone for who I would feel like she is the one… I see meetups, breakups, patch-ups, and heartaches every day around me, but the next day everyone is normal like nothing has happened. A guy, crying over a breakup next day dating a new girl like with same enthusiasm. I don’t like this idea at all. You can call me an old-fashioned guy.

Where Did I Meet Her?

So, now you know the most influential person and me in my life, Dave. So, here is where my story started.

One day, Dave came with two tickets for a trip to Long Island City where he wanted me to join in some stupid wrong climbing on a stupid trip with some stupid group. I hid my head in the pillow just after listening to his idea, but how can Dave even see my resistance, he went to my cupboard took out my bag and started thrashing my clothes in it.

Argh… With grinning teeth, I asked what are you doing man???

Dave: (completely ignoring my question) Oh I just thought you are asleep!!!

With no expressions on my face I looked at him, he winked and start doing that thrashing my stuff into bag thing again.

Me: Dave you know I don’t like hanging out, and I have no interest in stupid rock climbing.

Dave: With no respective response simply said, yeah I know that.

Exasperatingly, I said, so?

The Dave again with no interest, so what?

Well, so, I don’t want to go?

Dave: Who said you need to want that?

(A long silence from me…)

Well, Max my darling I know you don’t have any colors in life, and I am the only color pencil who keeps coloring your faded life but sweetie, you are going with me on this trip because I want you to go… In such a girlfriend kind of words, Dave convinced me again and pecked my cheek.

Yuck… I pushed him away and cleaned my cheek with the back of my hand. Dave smiled like a devil.

In the evening, I was nick-to-sick ready in my jumpers wearing glasses ready to go… (Yes, that stupid creature blackmailed me emotionally and kidnaped me for this trip).

With a taxi, we reached on the destination where the trip bus was ready to take us away in the cliffy Long Island City. On reaching, I came to know that 20 more people are joining us and a group of 25 people in which three are the organizers will go for rock climbing. Organizers started announcing the schedule;

The trip is for three days, and during those days we will be doing a lot of fun including rock climbing, sky surfing, boating, and…” I was standing there with Dave, listening with half attention to that announcer when a shrieking voice hit my ears. She was enthusiastically calling her friend Juliana and waving like she is hovering flies. I don’t know why it made me laugh so hard that she noticed me with a frowning look but before she could say anything Julian took her attention.

The First Fight:

Within 30 minutes of reaching, the organizer made us sit on the bus and started the journey. I was sitting quite on the back seats of the bus, with me it was Keven, a black guy, and the journey fellow. In the next row with a group of shouters and chillers was Dave who had made so many friends in just first 20 minutes of the journey. I was looking out of the window when that shrieking voice again hit my ears… Hi am Nellie, nice to meet you, Dave, they were shaking hands, I, thoughtlessly looked at her,

She was wearing a blue denim shirt, with ribbed denim jeans, glasses stuck in hair and chewing gum in her mouth, by using which she was continuously making bubbles while talking. With no interest, I moved my head again towards the window and my eyes on the road.

I woke up again with that voice, and now she was so near, moving my shoulder in a manner to wake me up… First I didn’t understand anything like where I am and who is this girl standing so closely but when she again shouted “Hello sleeping beauty” and the whole bus laughed I irritatingly opened my eyes, flayed her hand away from my shoulder, and said in a fuming tone


In a surprising yet gushing expressions, she looked at me with such an amusement like a kid would look at a monkey, I was even irritated, WHAT ON EARTH YOU WANT, I said that with double anger, this time she pointed her finger on my face, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO FOR ME HMM???????” YOUR KIND OF LIFELESS MAN, she added and then handed over me a lunch box, furiously moved and went back…

I felt those words a pounding my head! it doesn’t mean that nobody has ever called me this, but I don’t know why I felt so numb after listening to this from that girl. Suddenly I lost my appetite, placing that box aside I again closed my eyes… but this time I was not sleeping, I was just trying to convince myself that I am sleeping.

Somebody again patted my shoulder, and while thinking if of her, I opened my eyes… YOU??

Yeah, what? It was Dave…

Oh, nothing… I answered

Why aren’t you eating, once we reach there we won’t get time to eat because the first activity will start. Dave inquired, instructed, and handed over me the box at once and asked me to eat it.

I robotically obeyed him, opened the box and slightly looked around in searching for her…

She won’t come again to scold you, relax, Dave said in a funny way by catching my gaze,

What who… I said at once embarrassingly!

I know you more than you know yourself sweetie, and I know about whom you are thinking right now, replied Dave.

I suddenly got my confidence back and said, you think that I am thinking about Nellie, who is totally opposite from me. Man, if I would be the sun she is never gonna be the moon, in fact, she will be clouds and never let me shine or post my light to the moon to enlighten the night…

Who said I am talking about Nellie? Dave inquired…

I was again numb, shut, and irritated. Aargh, it is the worst trip ever, I thought and moved my eyes away from the devilish winking expressions of Dave.

That girl, instead of attracting me, started irritating and if I was thinking anything about her, that was surely not positive!!!

Rock Climbing Day:

After that fight when we reached the hotel, did some physical activity, came back to the room, until the next morning I didn’t saw her. Or may she was snubbing to come in front of me on purpose; whatever that was, I had just forgot about that incident and that girl completely until the rock climbing day.

On rock climbing day, the organizers divided all the passengers into groups of four people, and you call it fortunate, or an unfortunate, Nellie and Julia were in our group, yeah with Dave and me. It was not because of me, in fact, Dave had become good friend with Nellie and Julia, and this was the reason for them to join us in the group.

Nellie was now making fun of her best friend Julia who couldn’t put the mascara right. I was so irritated with the personality of this girl who is always ready to make fun of others. I gave irritated expressions and swayed my eyes away from both of them. But she was waving, chanting, laughing, and talking to every other person so enthusiastically like she knows them from long…

I never wanted to look stupid in front of that girl who called me sleeping beauty and lifeless man, so I started, actually tried, to chat with another girl who was looking at me with interest. Well seriously, I had no interest in her but to show myself a little out, I chatted with her in a showy pleasant manner. Nellie looked at us for some moments then made her back towards us and again started chatting with everyone else.

When I felt something for her first time:

It was announced that people in one group would remain protective towards each other. Rock climbing looks fun, but there can be a lot of danger in it. Despite we have taken all the security measures, still we want you all to take care of each other during the journey, said the organizer. All the groups were handed with one walky-talky to tell everyone about each other’s location and contact in case of some emergency, as there were no signals on the mountains.

Nellie greeted everyone with good luck but not me, yes she ignored me noticeably. I felt a little dismayed, but there was again Dave patting my shoulder, with a devilish smile on face, like he knows what I am feeling… I hate you I said angrily, and then there was a big laugh between us….

While laughing I saw that Nellie was looking at me in amusement, I suddenly stopped laughing and moved away, before that she would pass another comment about me. She was grinned but astonished…

While climbing the rocks, we all were tied with ropes together. Dave and I decided that we will remain one step behind the girls so that in case they slip or fall, we remain there to catch them up. On the way to rock climbing, I saw a different Nellie who was so caring towards not only about her friend but about everyone else. She even gave her water to Dave because he was feeling a little suffocated and his water was finished.

When we reached the first cliff to stay, we were all tired, but only Nellie was first-aiding everyone instead of resting. I had a scratch on my right elbow. She came with the first aid box towards me said;

I know you don’t like me, but I just wanted to help you out with that wound…. There was slight grief in his eyes.

Who said I don’t like you when I am continuously noticing you since the day our journey started? It suddenly slipped out of my mouth… she looked at me in interest yet bewilderment…

Dave came towards us and said, see Nellie I told you he likes you…

I was riled with the comment, but I didn’t show that I don’t know why….

Then Dave moved towards me and said it is Nellie due to whom I invited you for this trip. She is living in the same building as you and liked you since long, and this was my plan to organize a meet up for both of you. First I was stunned, but then I smiled with my full heart because;

Maybe I was in love with that irritating girl.”

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