Group Mountain Climb


Mountain climbing isn’t an everyday activity, but we had made it a tradition ever since four teenagers with nothing in common but the fear of height. Mark, Carl, Jake and I, Spencer. We were four best friends; Mark and Carl had been best friends from Lockshire before they moved down to water breeze where they met Jake and Me.

Mark and Carl’s dad had been working for the same company but felt underpaid for a master degree holder in pharmacy, so they decided to take the bold step and resign from their day to day office job to start-up their own business here in Waterbreeze. They opened up a mini-pharmaceutical store which was right beside the Library where Jake’s dad works. Mark and Carl helped their dads with setting up the pharmacy, after which they would go to the library during their breaks, which was how they met Jake.

Mark and Carl had made Jake’s dad aware of the fact that they were new to town and that their Dad’s owned the new pharmaceutical mart right beside him. Jake’s Dad introduced them to Jake and asked him to show them a bit around town, which was how I met Mark and Carl, as Jake doesn’t do much without me. It was the summer break, so we spent so much time together.

After a while, we realized we had nothing else in common except that we all suffered from acrophobia, the fear of height. It was just an exciting coincidence when we found out, but soon it became a reality when Mark and I had coincidentally decided to try out mountain climbing. Carl and Jake weren’t ready to sit behind while we had all the fun, so they decided it won’t hurt to try (they also thought it was just for the moment, and after a while, Mark and I would snap out of it). We met with a group that had been climbing rocks for a pretty long time, and they agreed for us to join their crew.

It’s been five years now, and we go mountain climbing every single month. Jake had even tried out for a competition once where he came out as the bronze winner. It went from being fun to being a tradition, and I can’t be the first to put a glitch in that. I had been sick with flu for a few days now, and it was almost the time of the month where we set out with the group to climb mountains.

Are you sure you wanna go because it is a tradition, or because Marcus sister is looking to try out?” Carl had suggested when they came to check up on me just the day before we go mountain climbing.

Is she?” I inquired.

So you didn’t know?” Carl continued; “She asked if you were going to be around because you promised to be the one to teach her the basics.”

So what did you say!?” I inquired trying not to let out my excitement. Marcus sister, Kim, is a beautiful and smart young lady who I have always admired. I saw the rock climbing as an opportunity to get close to her, and I once heard; “In a scary situation, if you can make a girl feel safe, then she will always want to be with you.”

I told her you might not be able to make because you’ve been down with flu” Carl Responded.

Are you serious?” I said in a harsh voice as I stood up from the bed “I am fine, and I can go tomorrow.” I said.

Yeah, right.” Carl jumped backed in. “She said she would come to check on you if you don’t make it but she hopes you do.”

The fury in me suddenly calmed down, and I felt more inspired to go.

You guys shouldn’t worry, I will make it tomorrow.”

I ate well, went to bed early and I was up early to get some warm-up done to prepare me for the day. I was out of the house by 7 am to meet Carl, Jake, and Mark at the park a few blocks away from where I stayed. We had discussed to meet there at 7 am before heading to the site, but it seemed like I was the only one especially freaked about today as they didn’t get to the park till about 7:20 am, which felt like forever.

Hey! I knew you’d make it” Kim said as we got off the bus on getting to the site.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world” I responded. “It’s time to get you climbing.”

I assisted her with setting up her gears and giving her the basic guidelines.

I am going to be right behind you,” I told her after giving what I had rehearsed to be a motivational speech, and at least it made her smile.

Earlier in the morning, I had felt a slight headache when preparing, but I thought to myself that it was normal and I can’t be 100% yet, but my will was strong to pull me through.

Kim had got the hang of it after a few tries until she got to a point where she could rest while I climbed up to join her. But I couldn’t…

Let’s face it, and I won’t make it. It’s best I don’t even start, rather than embarrass myself by passing out halfway up a rock.” I told Jake who was with me, while Carl and Mark had begun climbing, half way up.

You sure? You seemed motivated” Jake inquired.

I guess I overdid it and should have been more relaxed. Help out with Kim, tell her I will be here waiting.”

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